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      Shenzhen Wondtech Eco-materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001and has completed share reform in 2016. The company invested to build the Wandajie Industrial Park in Pingshan District Shenzhen in 2008, with a total plant area of 45000 square meters. The scope of our business includes manufacturing and sales of biodegradable plastic products, printing flexible packaging products and laminated flexible packaging products, food packaging products, Aseptic liquid flexible packaging products, plastic products, and others.     


      After nearly 20 years of effort and steady development, variety of products is formed. It includes food packaging, liquid flexible packaging, biodegradable packaging, e-commerce logistics packaging, industrial packaging, etc. With leading technologies and products with cost advantages, the company has built up cooperation with many influential international and domestic clients. They are Yum Restaurant, Yihai Kerry and COFCO in food packaging areas. We have Wal-Mart, Carrefour and China Resources Vanguard in retail areas, and  Jingdong, SF Express, Vipshop in e-commerce areas. In order to ensure product quality, Wondtech has formed strategic partnerships with large domestic and foreign raw material suppliers, including Exxon Mobil, Petro China, Borouge, CSPC , etc. 


      Being a national high-tech enterprise, the vice chairman of Degradable Plastics Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Wondtech has established a production and research base for biodegradable materials, together with Beijing Technology and Business University. The base has developed a series of biodegradable products with intellectual property, such as anti-fogging PE cling for supermarket and the Bag in Box (BIB). Using bottleneck automatic seal which matching carton, BIB replaces the traditional plastic drum for food and beverage packaging. It not only significantly reduces material cost and logistics cost, but also becomes a conqueror of illegally refilling waste cooking oil because of its one-time packaging characteristics. This helps capture a higher market share. Through unremitting technological innovation, the company has more than 20 national patents. The project of "A recycling method for nylon/Polyolefin laminated waste" was awarded the Fund for “National Innovation Park Recycling reform” from National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance. These technological innovations have made the company the leading enterprise in the environmental-friendly packaging industry. 


      The company has established a number of ultra-clean workshops in accordance with the requirements of food packaging products. By introducing automated, high-precision, high-speed large-scale manufacturing equipment, the production management and capacity of the company has achieved the leading position in the packaging industry in China.  


      The company has established professional R&D institution, standardization institution, and testing laboratories equipped with advanced equipment. The company has achieved ISO9001-2008 Quality management system certification, ISO14001-2004 Environmental management system certification, and food packaging Production QS License. The company participated in drafting more than 10 national standards and national light industrial standards, including GB 21661 -2008 "Plastic shopping bags", GB21660-2008 "General technical requirement of environmental protection, safety, identification and marking of plastic shopping bags", GB/T 4456-2008 " Polyethylene blown film for packaging application"GB10457-2009 "Plastic cling wrap film for keeping fresh of food"QB/T 4635-2014 "Biaxially oriented polyamide and low density polyethylene laminated film (BOPA / PE-LD) bag-in-box" and GB/T13519-2016 "Polyethylene Heat-Shrinkable Film for packaging applications" , etc.


      In 2016, the company registered wholly-owned subsidiary “Guangdong Chongxi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd” in Shenzhen-Shanwei special cooperation zone. Chongxi purchased 66,880 square meters of industrial land, and a new industrial park with more than 100,000 square meters construction area is on the way. The new industrial park will include research and development center, modified master-batch and environmental packaging factory, food packaging factory, supermarket and e-commerce packaging factory. Advanced automatic manufacturing equipment will be in place. This will further improve the scale of production capacity and advancedness of production, integrate supply chain, and enhance market competitiveness.


      With the goal ofUtilizing green environmental technology make the world healthy development, and faith in business philosophy of Promoting packaging innovation by technology, leading the development of packaging industry by environmental protection,Wondtech will continue to grow as a manufacturer of one-stop green flexible packaging products with international competitiveness, and to be committed to energy-saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. By innovations, we determine to make the world a better place.