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    Quality inspector
    Job Responsibilities

    1、Responsible for the technical management, quality inspection and measurement management of the workshop.
    2、Responsible for the quality of the workshop in the production process in the production processQuality assuranceUnder the premise of reducing material loss, reduce costs。
    、Often to the workshop, to keep abreast of the production process of the technical problems and measurement problems, and workshop staff to study and solve, to grasp every step door of the technical requirements of various components, in a timely manner to correct the mistakes in production to ensure the quality of production, Reduce rework waste.
    、Responsible for the inspection of each production process, after testing and debugging, a comprehensive understanding of each production sector quality and technical conditions, found that does not meet the factory requirements should inform the workshop manager, do a good job in each production sector at all levels of inspection system.

    Job requirements

    1、age22-40Age, junior high school and above, female priority, work in the production line, working time and production department synchronization

    2、Can be hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, judgment and communication skills, a strong concept of quality;

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